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The International Child Art Foundation

By June 20, 2023No Comments

We are please to announce a second non-profit organisation to receive funding from Kismet – The International Child Art Foundation.

The ICAF mission is to seed children’s imaginations, cultivate their creativity, and grow mutual empathy through the arts for a more prosperous, sustainable and peaceful future.

ICAF fosters children’s creativity and infuses it with empathy. On its own, creativity is morally neutral; it can just as easily be channeled to destroy, rather than to create. For creativity to be a force for good, it must be infused with empathy. ICAF inspires the young to become creative-empaths, ready to work together for innovative solutions and collaborative innovations.

The concepts of creativity and empathy are rooted in the arts. Children can imagine the unimaginable and paint it. Mural-making can limn their collective imagination and scaffold empathy. Art is a universal language that crosses borders and boundaries.

The ICAF organises the Arts Olympiad, publish the ChildArt quarterly, and produce the World Children’s Festival. By fostering children’s creativity and developing their empathy, they fulfil six of the Social Development Goals (SGDs) of the 2030 UN agenda. They bring quality education, promote good health, ensure gender equality, reduce inequities, eradicate poverty, and build peace in communities and the world at large.

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