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OneAfricanChild Foundation for Creative Learning

For years, children of Gaa Alaanu community have had to face the sheer distress of having to learn in a dilapidated building without books, stationery, and even chairs. Due to a lack of infrastructure and conducive learning environment, the students are neither able to read nor write as they should. Prior to the pandemic, children in this community already lack access to quality education and lifelong learning. The pandemic has further exacerbated the disparity in inequality for low income communities like Gaa-Alaanu where we work day-to-day.

Our core belief at OneAfricanChild is that every child should have access to quality education wherever and whoever they are. Therefore, OneAfricanChild Foundation is seeking your support to create its first creative learning centre at the Gaa Alaanu community to support children in this community with better ways of learning. Part of our goal is first to renovate the local school which is almost falling. In addition to this, we are providing new and creative approaches to engaging students to maximize their spaces and overcome the challenges in learning in a school with minimal school facilities. Our impact will result in better learning outcomes for the children while we train teachers on creative ways of engaging students in resource-poor communities.

Art1st Foundation

Founded in 2009, Art1st is an incubator of young minds that enables them to become innovators and thought leaders of tomorrow, through our various programmes aimed at visual literacy, creative and critical thinking.

We believe that art has an innate transformative power to unlock and enable all of these and more.

To make this a reality, Art1st has been engaging at the level of curriculum, and advocacy to bring about a change in the way art is taught and perceived. Drawing on the rich repository of research and resource material put together by several art educators, philosophers, artists and theorists, Art1st has shifted the idea of art from that of a skill to a way of learning and being.

The Art1st Way of learning is based on creating an atmosphere where the child is encouraged to be in touch with his/her inner world.

It uses art as the lens for education, to encourage them to think and express freely.

it recognises the school environment as a formative ground of childhood experiences, and has adults – including artists, educators and mentors – work alongside children as ‘companions in learning’.

Artreach India

Artreach is one of India’s foremost arts education non-profits established in Delhi in 2015. We empower participants through creativity and offer enriching learning experiences in the visual arts. We teach artistic skills to talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and help them build careers in the field. We partner with many amazing organisations and talented and passionate artists across the country, all of whom share our belief in the power of art to change lives.

Artreach was born out of an intensive mural painting project in 2010 with children who live on the New Delhi railway platform. We grew slowly through word of mouth: more artists came on board and more NGO spaces were transformed into vibrant joyful colourful homes and centres. Funds were raised by volunteers on a project-to-project basis.

In 2015 we set up the Artreach Trust with the commitment to transform the lives of children, youth and women from marginalised communities in India through art.